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Challenges unlock various things on the badge, it might be an animation or a particular application that you can run on the badge. To unlock a challenge simply put in your challenge code as well as your badge ID. You can view the challenges below

To unlock this simply set the alias for your badge!
Unlocks: Alias Rainfall

To access this challenge browse to
Unlocks: Pong

To access this challenge browse to
Unlocks: Alias Rainfall

Hello Eli Before recieving your prize, you must prove that you are worthy. Why don't you browse to this link
Unlocks: Skeleton

Secret Squirrel
The BSides lunch tokens seemed to have had some very clever imagary hidden within them. Perhaps that could be a clue to this challenge
Unlocks: Warbadging

Challenge Applications

The Pong application lets you play pong against another player by holding the badge with the screen between you and the other person!

First person to five wins.

To QUIT the game press the two buttons closer to the screen (right and A)

Warbadging is where you can use the badge to scan for Wireless networks. It will scan up to 30 networks and allow you to scroll through them. It will show you the signal strength, what encryption the network is running ( WPA = WP, WPA2 = W2, OPEN = OP, AUTO = AU, Unknown = ??). You can use this to take with you to find wireless networks. It will also scan all the channels!

To QUIT this press the two buttons closer to the screen (right and A)

Get an adorable 8 bit skeleton to run across your screen

Alias Rainfall
Have your alias rain down from the top to the bottom of the screen.

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